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Want to elevate your professional & personal skills? IWF Mentoring 2021is a great opportunity for you to connect with a mentor who can offer you insight, guidance, support and help you navigate the next stage of your career / study.

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This programme is open for both women & men.

Following the success of the IWF Mentoring 2020 pilot programme, the IWF Mentoring 2021 is designed to include valuable resources, connections, and programs to help those who are trying to build their careers in Finland.

The IWF Mentoring 2021 plans to join hands with many career experts and external organizations in order to provide comprehensive support and share field-specific expertise to job seekers. The programme invites both Mentees and Mentors to register! This is open for both women and men!

For mentees – Please join to develop your knowledge and networks! Also, utilize the expertise of your mentors to take your professional and personal skills to the next level!

For mentors – Please join us to help many others by sharing your knowledge, experience, and networks! You can make a positive difference in the lives of many others just by being you!

Together we learn. Together we develop. Together we empower. Please join us in this mentoring journey!

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Contact: Vaishali Doshi – 0401609256 Ramya Sriram – 0443001430

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By : Sivaranjini Ramasamy