Fun filled, Enthusiastic Tallinn Cruise

Written by: Tamilselvi Jayavelu

Have you girls thought of leaving your responsibilities behind and planning a trip together for a night out? Even I haven’t thought that would happen. Every girls would have send off boys for their night parties but we girls get tied up with our own routines and have never found time for such fun. Each girl would have dreamed of a gang outing , but wouldn’t have had a gang to hang with. Luckily, IWF made an opportunity for the cool girl’s night out. Yes, Girls set their dreams sailing one night to Tallinn comprising of 50 beautiful girls lead by IWF organizers.
The girls assembled at viking terminal at 20.30 and waited for all our co-girls arrival. IWF organizers waited with surprising gift coupons for best party wear,first and the last but latest arriver to the spot .Girls started their Journey with all cheers blooming on their face waiting for more fun.
After boarding we all headed to our cabins just to lock our valuables to be left behind safely. We were given time for quick shopping, we all couldn’t wait for the fun activities and we rushed to the DECK 7 where the actual fun was waiting ."THE PLAY OR NOT TO PLAY" was the fun filled activity where girls participated
actively and won their prize. Next was the PARTY DANCE where we saw beautiful flamingos dazzling in the night lights with our favorite party songs.
The most awaited game started at 23.00, QUEEN OF SHEEBA. Guess what it is! Yes, you are right. This is a game where queen of sheeba will ask for something and whoever brings them to the queen of sheeba first will be the winner. The queen of sheeba asked for 4 pair of sports shoes, black belts ,some gold rings too which she returned back . Girls were very fond of this game wherein every person played enthusiastically which was the hit among the co-passengers in the cruise who too got entertained.I will say the best fun
game I have ever played. Hats off to the organizers for this idea.
Followed by the party dance with light music in the cruise. It was relaxing where we came to know about new girls in our team where we had good time with each other. Later on, we had one more game waiting for us "SCAVENGER HUNTING" It was also the most fearless game we have ever played, where all the girls talents were showcased. It was surprising that co passengers also helped girls for winning the game. The winners were given Movie Tickets and some more surprises. From 3.30-4.30 we had dance hour where all girls danced and danced which also had a game where all girls
participated wherein their talents were revealed. The organizers gave each person a word frame as our remembrance. It was surprising and happiest feeling while receiving those from them which none expected. Later we talked with new friends and we got to know each other. It was a memorable moment. After our morning breakfast, we played our final game which was also the most cheerful .Fun filled ,Enthusiastic night cruise with all Indian girls whose dreams come true . No words to describe our happiness, Thanks to IWF organizers for such a wonderful, secure night out .All girls waved to each other and left the cruise with lots of memories hoping to meet again sooner or later.


A Trip to remember…Girls day out on Tallinn cruise

Written by: Bhawna Mishra

Ever dreamt of a night out with friends? Ever thought of having loads of fun the whole night? Ever thought of leaving all your worries behind and go partying? Of course, we all must have at some point or the other!

But going for one always seems so impossible, as we are either busy with our household chores, office work or kids. Nevertheless, it all turned to be possible by the IWF team, where fifty ladies sailing their hearts across the Baltic Sea went for a cruise party to Tallinn.

On the night of October 6, 2017, all fifty ladies gathered at the Helsinki port. We all were so excited that we decided to travel to the port together in groups. Many of the ladies gathered in the Central railway station and traveled to the Helsinki port together. Little to our surprise, the IWF team had gifts planned for everyone like for the first person and the last one to arrive. We then received our cabin passes from the team, had a little chit-chat with friends and a brief photo shoot before heading for the cruise. After boarding, we were told to gather on Deck 7 where all the activities were supposed to start. So after leaving our luggage in the cabins, we headed towards the duty-free shops did little shopping, applied some makeup 😉 and rushed towards Deck 7 where all the fun was waiting for the ladies.

IWF members on-board!

We gathered on the deck at 11 pm, where the most exciting game was planned – “Queen of Sheeba”. In this game, the queen will ask you for something and you have to get it to her as soon as possible. Whoever gets it to the queen first is the winner. So, our Queen of Sheeba asked for things like – 4 pair of sports shoes, 10 finger rings, husband’s photo, 4 belts from strangers, white purse, Indian rupees notes, etc. There were few dares also, which our Queen demanded, like a selfie with a stranger, teaching Indian dance moves to a stranger, performing a small pole dance, etc. Everyone enjoyed it with their full enthusiasm and the strangers too helped us in every possible way. It was extremely entertaining for them as well. It was lovely to see the ladies actually helping each other to win the prize, by finding things for them. Winners of the game received gift coupons of Indian restaurants, movie tickets, and many other exciting gift vouchers.

After having so much fun, we headed to the dance floor, had few drinks and some of us enjoyed dancing. The stage had live music performance, so dancing to the light and jazz music was all so exciting, entertaining and relaxing for everyone, people who were dancing as well as the viewers. After dancing on Hollywood music, it was time for us to shake our legs on some Bollywood beats. So we found a hall with a small stage, played Bollywood music and danced till we dropped. The music was played on demand by our
own RJ and we enjoyed dancing with our old and new friends.

A couple of games like ‘Find Your Flock’ and ‘Passing the ball’ were planned too. In Find your flock, everyone picked a paper chit, on which a word was written and we were supposed to flock and find a related word by asking around, like ‘Honey & Buzz’. The game was very energetic, as we all were shouting and trying to find our pair. Some of us did find and some couldn’t. However, it sure was a fun activity. After dancing some
more, we played the game – ‘Passing the ball’, where we were to pass the ball when the music was played and was supposed to stop when the music stops. The person who has the ball was asked to perform a dare in front of everyone. It was both scary and exciting for all the ladies, as some of us experience major stage fear. But, it all worked out so well when everyone’s friends accompanied them while the performances.

It was such an overwhelming experience to see that. After each dare, everyone received a memento with had their name on it along with small phrases to describe them best! It came as a lovely surprise to everyone. After the games, all the ladies danced again till 4 am in the morning. Some of us were so tired that they went back to their cabins and tried to get some sleep for the remaining night. While, some of the ladies were still charged up and went back to the cabins to have some more fun, giggles, gossips, and laughter.

We didn’t realize and it was already 9 am in the morning. We quickly got ready and had some breakfast. Lastly, we all gathered on the deck for a quick photo session. 10:30 am and it was time for us to say goodbye. So, here we all were waving at each other, hoping to meet again for such a fun-filled evening.

The trip sounded difficult to plan and execute. But it was one of the well coordinated and smoothly planned trips by the IWF team. Some of us couldn’t come for it and we definitely missed them! This trip gave us the opportunity to know our friends more, to make new friends and have fun which will be cherished for the whole of our life. This time we reached half a century in numbers and wish to reach a century and more in the
coming time!


Rain, Run and Fun (Hanna Raux Charity Run)

Written by  Kavitha Pandian

Indian women in Finland (IWF) in association with MonaLiiku  organized a charity run at  Leppävaara stadium in Espoo on the 9th of September,2017. The run was supported by the Hanna Ruax memorial fund. Hanna Ruax was an outspoken yoga teacher and jewelry designer who met with an untimely tragic end. The proceeds from the run were aptly given to Yuwa, an organization helping underprivileged girls in India get back to school and sports.

When the Hanna Ruax Charity run event was created by IWF, I immediately clicked ‘going’ because of two reasons: One, any event organized by IWF comes with no pre-requisites and it’s a perfect opportunity to try something new.  IWF’s events have the knack of getting you out of your comfort zone in the most comfortable way possible! Two, I am terrible at all sports that require hand-eye co-ordination, but running is so natural and anybody could do it, right?

Egged on by a few members of IWF, there were 11 teams registered for the 400m relay. There was no dearth of creativity when it came to team names, some of us considered ourselves as the speed demons while some of us deceptively called ourselves as the tortoises. There were three categories of runs in the event: Run/walk for women, Run/walk for children (under 15) and a 400m relay for women. The idea behind run/walk was to just let the participants walk or run as long as they could and there was no minimum distance/time requirement (told you, absolutely no pressure!).

As always, yummy food was available for pre-order, the collections from which also went to charity. Hats off to all the women who put in so much effort and work so tirelessly to present us with a variety of mouthwatering delicacies!

One the day of the run, rain decided to join the fun. It was pouring! But in spite of the heavy rain, a few kids and women did participate in the walk/run. Rain could not dampen the spirits of these champions.

With only an hour left for the relay and many participants still to come, there was some concern if everyone will make it in the rough weather. But rain doesn’t stand a chance when 40 women have made up their mind to run. So after a few hiccups and last minute changes to the teams, 10 teams were registered and ready to roll!

The rules of the 400m relay were explained by the organizers. The excitement was palpable and the ladies were determined to give it their best. The trigger was pulled and every participant gave it their ALL.  All the teams were able to finish the race and everyone was a winner. Some of us hadn’t run after school days and here we were competing in a race! Each of us deservedly got a medal and the winners took home a trophy.

Yes, we ran like girls and are super proud of it! Thanks IWF and MonaLiiku for finding the little girl hiding within each one of us and letting her run free. We went home with sore feet, but happy hearts!


Valentines Day

Written by Rashmi Ahuja Toivonen

In 2016, IWF celebrated Valentine’s day in a very sweet fashion. The event was mainly organized by Ramya Sriram and myself, Rashmi Ahuja Toivanen, wherein a special cooking class was arranged for IWF members in Espoo. Being a foodie and hobby-blogger, I took the cooking class and showed the participants how to make some special treats. All the available 15 slots were taken quite soon after the event was advertised. In the class, I showed how to make rolled vanilla cookies decorated with white chocolate and French classic profiteroles made using choux pastry. It was such a fun event and everybody not only just learned new recipes but also had a great time. The most exciting part was to see people pitching in and participate in preparing and decorating both the cookies and profiteroles. Personally, for me it was a wonderful experience as it was first time that I had arranged anything like it; enjoyed every bit of it.





Fruit Carving Workshop

Written by Rathna

The fruit carving workshop took place on November 26th, 2016 at Leppavara Library.  There were 25 excited participants for the event. This session was purely aimed for beginners and many of us did not have an idea about fruit carving.  I have seen beautiful carving on fruits and vegetables in several Indian weddings and always wanted to learn this at some point.

Porntipa Ilvesmäki was the mentor for this course and she had a great experience in Fruit carving. The participants got carrot, cucumber, tomato, water melon and paprika. We also bought a knife from Porntipa  which is used specially for fruit/vegetable carving.

We were thought how to use the knife by not hurting our fingers. Also we made different designs from carrot, cucumber, tomato and paprika. Portipa had patiently showed each of us the carving styles and the enthusiastic participants quickly got them.  She also showed us a master piece of fruit carving with watermelon. We were all awed by her talent. Thanks to Ramya Sriram and Deepika Vijay who took so much efforts to arrange this event and make us learn new things.