IWF Workshop on Financial Awareness & Financial Independence for women

Minna Franck, co-founder of Finnwards, started the workshop & explained about how to understand the salary slip and additional benefits that are taxable. She also shared the benefits from Municipalities, KELA, Unemployment funds and Pension funds.

Seema Dastagir, a solution design owner from Kone, continued the workshop on why financial saving is important. She started her segment with power of compounding and explained how people can start saving with by understanding factors such as budget Management, Financial planning and Building the Financial house.

This was followed with Tarun Sharma, a tech and business entrepreneur, where he shared his insights about investor profile & objectives, various investment options and how to start investing. He explained how to discover the investor profile points and to make wise investment goals.

Tarun Sharma further deep dived in to asset classes such as equities, property, bond, cash, commodities and the respective subclasses. He encouraged everyone to start equity savings account and clearly underscored how in Finland within an equity savings account, people can buy and sell stocks without needing to pay tax on the individual sales. The profit from an equity savings account is only taxed when they withdraw money from the account.

The workshop concluded with Q &A where participants raised their concerns and questions regarding Finnish tax system & Investment options in Finland.

The workshop was an online event on May 28, 2021 @ 18.00.

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By: Sivaranjini Ramasamy


IWF Workshop on Financial Awareness & Financial Independence for women

Next in IWF WE CARE series : EPISODE 02 on May 28 @18.00

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IWF takes pleasure to introduce our first guest speaker for Workshop on Financial Awareness and Financial Independence for women – MINNA FRANCK

Minna Franck is the co-founder of Finn wards Oy. Their mission is to help internationals thrive in Finland. Minna has long been a student of different cultures both formally through her education and her own lived experience. She has extensive experience in international recruitment, operations management, and HR. Today, she offers training, coaching, and consulting through Finnwards. She also writes a weekly blog about Finland. Most often the topics relate to Finnish working life.


IWF Workshop on Child Protection & Child welfare

Julia Kuokkanen, Senior Adviser at Central Union for Child welfare opened the workshop & explained about child rights , welfare, protection systems and processes in Finland.

And the social entrepreneur Angel goa spoke about child right organization & the role of the social worker in child rights violation cases. Dora puhakka , a project worker at the YWCA explained about YWCA terrible mothers project in child welfare & protection situations.

Followed with real experience of anonymous where she shared her journey with child right & violation cases. And the workshop concluded with Q & A where participants raised their concerns and questions regarding child rights, welfare & violations.

The workshop was an online event on May 7, 2021 @ 18.00.

Youtube link of the wokshop

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By : Sivaranjini Ramasamy