“All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl” – Shalini Parthiban

“All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl” with that note I would like to share our journey towards preparation for a challenging Volley ball tournament.

This season’s volleyball tournament was organized collectively by Geo Tf, Sudar Nila Venthan, Praniesh Ramachandran and IWF Ry. After hearing the news many of us were excited and wanted to try our hands on this awesome game.
Last year we had several teams within IWF competing each other and as usual we had fun. This season we grew bigger and wanted to fight with international teams. Thus the journey started, as usual fishing out members to form a team.
Volley Express – Vasu, Shalini Chandrasekhar, Neha, Jaya, Abinaya , Aparna and I ( Shalini Parthi) formed a team out of interest and were ready to face the challenges 😊 and of course with the help of our coach Sudar. He is the best coach one could get and one should learn sincerity and passion towards any sport from him 🙏

Vasu played an important role of organizing the practice sessions, coordination and also held the Captain’s hat of the team 🤝. Neha was the anchor of the team, as she was the only one who knew the game. Congrats to Neha for winning the best player of the tournament award in beginners category. We had our pillars, which is rest of the girls who gave their best. All of us were devoted towards the game and spent our weekends in learning the game. We have been coached for the past two months, during all weekends. When I say two months, it is still too little time spent in learning this beautiful game ( Warning: one could get addicted to this game😬)

The day arrived and we played the best we could. We did not win any, it is not fair to win against ladies who are training for the past years. But, it definitely gave us a good experience and motivation to do better next time. This is not over yet and now we are continuing to play beach volleyball until the next season snow arrives. Do get in touch with us and join us in this journey.

We are planning to start the next season indoor volleyball practice from September.

Also special thanks to the lovely chai and our very own cheer gals.

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